Tomato seeds : Sweet Olive Hybrid Tomato seeds : Sweet Olive Hybrid
SowingSow in late winter for heated greenhouse cultivation or early spring for the cold greenhouse and mid spring for outdoors. Sow 6mm (¼in) deep in a good compost. Germination usually takes 6-14 days at 24C (75F).GrowingTransplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots and grow on in cooler, well lit conditions. Soil based composts produce shorter plants than peat based composts. For hanging baskets, plant carefully one per 30cm (12in) basket leaving a 3cm (1in) space for watering. Water well and stand in a cool, airy place until well rooted. Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions before hanging outside permanently after all risk of frost. Feed regularly and keep well watered. If planted outdoors, space 60cm (24in) apart in moist, well drained, fertile soil and a sunny spot.Aftercare Floweringcropping100 DaysPlant typeVegetable

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