Tomato seeds : Supersweet 100 F1 Tomato seeds : Supersweet 100 F1
SowingSow March to April thinly on the surface of a good free draining, damp seed compost. Lightly cover the seed with vermiculite 6mm (¼ inch) deep. Place in a propagator at 18-20C (64-68F) until germination, usually 7-14 days. Sow indoors: January to March.GrowingTransplant seedings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3 inch) pots. Plant in final situation when 20cm (8 inches) high, 45cm (18 inches) apart. Remove all side shoots as they appear, leaving one main stem. For indoor crops, plant finally into growbags or pots in the greenhouse. For outdoor crops, acclimatise plants to outdoor conditions for a few days before planting in a sunny, moist, fertile and well drained site.Aftercare Remove main growing tip after 6 trusses to hasten ripening. Requires support and regular sideshooting. Harvest July to October.Floweringcropping110 DaysPlant typeVegetable

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