Tomato seed : Gardeners Delight Tomato seed : Gardeners Delight
SowingFor greenhouse culture sow late winter to early spring. Sow 1.5mm (1/16in) deep. Germination usually takes 6-14 days at 24-27C (75-80F). ripening.<p>To grow outside, sow early spring and grow as above.GrowingTransplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots and plant out into growbags, pots etc when large enough at 45cm (18in) apart. When approx. 20cm (8in) tall gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions and plant out 45cm (18in) apart with 75cm (30in) between rows in a warm sheltered sunny spot in moist, fertile well drained soil and keep well watered.Aftercare Provide support and tie in regularly. Remove side shoots as they appear and restrict the plant to one main stem. Outdoor plants remove growing tip in late summer to hastenFloweringcropping65 DaysPlant typeVegetable

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