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SowingSow mid April in pots indoors, plant out from end May. Sow early May - July (outdoors). Can be sown in March for protected growing in greenhouse/polytunnel. Sow 4-5cm (1½ to 2in) deep in a well prepared soil. It is best to erect supports before planting. Allow 2 plants per pole placed at 15-20cm (6 to 8in) apart as a structure or grow up netting or a 4 cane wigwam. Allow about 1 metre (3ft) between wigwams.GrowingWater copiously during dry weather, particularly when flowers are forming, as roots must never be allowed to dry out. Mulch heavily with compost/grass cuttings. Pinch out once plants have reached the tops of supports. Pick regularly to ensure continuous cropping.Aftercare FloweringcroppingHarvest Early July - October or from June with protected growing.Plant typeVegetable

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