Sweetcorn seeds: Honey Bantam Bicolour (30) F1 Sweetcorn seeds: Honey Bantam Bicolour (30) F1
SowingSow in April-May, 4 weeks before last expected frost in your area, singly 12mm (½in) deep in 7.5cm (3in) pots of a good seed compost. Germination usually takes 6-10 days at 20-25C (70-75F).GrowingGradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 10-15 days and plant out in late May-early June, after all risk of frost has passed, 45cm (18in) apart in blocks of short rows rather than one long row, to ensure adequate pollination. They prefer a warm , sunny, sheltered spot in fertile, moist, yet free-draining soil.Aftercare Once the silks or tassels start to form on the cobs, regular watering is beneficial. To check that the cobs are ready, pull back part of the covering leaves and squeeze a grain, when the liquid is thin and creamy, not watery, the cob is ready.Floweringcropping78 DaysPlant typeVegetable

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